The International National Trusts Organisation (INTO)

INTO Member Questionnaire 2023

Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire. Current and prospective INTO members regularly ask for information relating to the activities, organisational governance, and accomplishments of other INTO members.

And our supporters and funders request more in depth information on INTO’s membership and impact.

Your responses to this survey will enable us to respond more effectively to your enquiries and theirs.

  • INTO member details

    Please tell us a little about your organisation!
  • Briefly provide an overview of the organisation in terms of its purpose and remit in respect of promoting the conservation and enhancement of cultural and/or natural heritage.
  • How is your organisation recognised by law in your country? E.g Registered charity in England and Wales (No 1234567)
  • Where (country, region, etc.) does your organisation carry out its activities?
  • If possible, please attach a copy of the organization’s financial report for your most recently completed fiscal year.)
  • Briefly describe any parent or subsidiary organisations to your own, and the size of the board and manner members are selected. (If available, please provide copies of bylaws and charter documents, and any national legislation that authorizes your activities.)
  • Describe any collaborations or partnerships with community or other organizations within your geographical scope.
  • Organisational activity

    Select all activities that apply to your heritage organisation. Please add any relevant activities not represented.
  • Please highlight one or more initiatives relating to the preservation/conservation of natural or built heritage that your organisation has undertaken in the last three years which have had a significant impact. Please tell us as much as you can about the background to the initiative, the objectives, what was done - how it was accomplished and paid for - and what was ultimately achieved and how you measured “impact.” (You can upload supporting documents below if easier.)
  • Please offer any suggestions on ways INTO can improve its services to members, including suggestions on programmes, activities or other matters that INTO can do more of - or do differently.
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