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INTO CAN – Climate and Nature

Climate changeProgrammes September 7, 2022

What is INTO CAN?

INTO CAN (Climate and Nature), is a knowledge-sharing programme, bringing together INTO member organisations to share ideas and experiences in communicating about climate change.

INTO CAN was created in response to requests from our members, building on the success of RISE, our Reimagining International Sites of Enslavement programme.

Climate action

We know that National Trusts around the world are involved in the protection of important natural heritage. This activity is a vital part of the global fight against climate change. The amazing heritage places we look after, have a unique role and opportunity to champion solutions to address the climate crisis. There is always more to be done.

Climate collaboration

INTO CAN is a global network, learning from each other and sharing experiences and resources, so that we can develop joint solutions.

Sessions and workshops are co-created by the participants, including such topics as:

  • Climate adaptation case studies
  • Developing joint climate-themed projects and campaigns
  • Engaging and upskilling our staff and volunteers
  • How to tell compelling climate stories
  • Advocating about the climate crisis – how to engage elected officials and opinion formers
Virtual sessions

Participants are joined by those at the forefront of research and practice in this area of the sector.  Sessions are held virtually to enable global participation and reduce environmental impacts. Members of the group are also supported to apply for funding opportunities as part of the programme.

Visit our webinars page to register for the next session. 

National Trust climate adaptation guidance

National Trust experts, in partnership with heritage organisations and INTO's 'Withstanding Change' project, are developing a range of guidance to help heritage sites become more resilient to climate change, and support teams to take decisions in the face of climate hazards.

Learn more here

Delegate workshop at the SMILO Annual Conference in Kerkennah, Tunisia in 2021

National Trusts acting now

Many National Trusts are already doing amazing work to raise awareness of climate change and its impacts on nature, infrastructure and livelihoods. They are engaging people with issues such as food security, sea level rise, habitat destruction, invasive species, water usage and the condition of rivers and wetlands.

Climate crisis initiatives

INTO members are embarking on new initiatives to address the climate crisis, some of which may not have been envisaged as part of their original purpose but which are really vital today: planting schemes – trees, mangroves and bushland; the development of solar and wind energy schemes; efforts to reduce waste; carbon offsetting schemes; sourcing sustainable products to sell in museum shops… the list goes on!

What is clear, is that INTO members want to become even better at telling compelling stories about their work to mitigate, adapt and educate about climate change. Stories we can tell our staff and volunteers, the public, policy makers and politicians. And we want to collect and present data that back up these narratives and create really powerful campaigns and advocacy cases.

Interested to know more? Please contact us for details of how to join.

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