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INTO Excellence Awards 2022

Case StudiesConferences October 6, 2022

We were delighted to announce the winners of our INTO Excellence Awards 2022, presented at a special Ceremony at INTO Dundee 2022!

Overall submissions were of a very high quality and we selected 5 winners:

Catherine Leonard, INTO Secretary-General said: “The Excellence Awards celebrate the very best of our member organisations’ work around the world, often undertaken amid difficult circumstances and without seeking glory or acclaim, but just trying to look after our global heritage for future generations.  The INTO Excellence Awards 2022 winners will delight and inspire all those involved in heritage conservation, wherever they are in the world.”

2022 Award Winners

CCFU’s work at the Kyiriba Kyathumba Hot Springs is inspirational. They have successfully restored and reconnected communities with an important cultural heritage site impacted by climate change. The work was delivered in partnership with INTO and with financial support from the British Council’s Cultural Protection Fund.

The National Trust’s Willow Puffins are kick-starting a wider campaign to save the puffins of Jersey, currently in significant decline. The sculptures highlight the plight of the Jersey puffin, open a space for dialogue and start the consultation process with the community. In 2021 the Trust also commissioned a children’s book, The Silent Garden, to promote environmental awareness.  It’s a fantastic way of engaging young people, encouraging visits to Trust nature reserves and historic buildings, and raising revenue.

Initially conceived in 2017 as a day to encourage Canadians to visit and discover their rich history, Historic Places Day (HPD) has become a multi-week event, creating a buzz of excitement on social media and enhancing community engagement at historic sites across different cultures.

The Indonesian Heritage Trust has been holding the Bali International Field School for Subak (BIFSS) annually since 2015. Bringing together volunteers, local and international students, community members and other stakeholders to learn about the Subak system, BIFSS not only provides important experience, but also builds optimism and hope for the future.

In 2022 Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga’s Māori Built Heritage Conservation Programme restored the historic ‘Matangireia’ within the Parliament building.  This project enabled a unique inter-generational connection with place to carry forward knowledge, whilst building new collaborative partnerships.

Learning and sharing

The Awards highlighted just some of the amazing work INTO member organisations are delivering.  But in fact there was so much to learn from one another at INTO Dundee 2022.

We all had the opportunity to share our experiences, to listen to brave and committed voices and to feel that the things that concern us are basically the same wherever we are in the world.

INTO members are all different but we share the same values, goals and challenges.  The past few years have been difficult, but we know from experience that things are better when we work together.  As a global community.

And so we gathered in solidarity and friendship at INTO Dundee, feeling that now really was the time to work together. To share ideas and approaches, concerns and worries.  And to think of more things we can do to help one other.

Congratulations are due not only to our winners, but to all the organisations that work to connect people around the world with the places, stories and issues that matter to them.